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Natural Honey, Pure Honey, Raw Honey ~
Making Sense of Honey Labels

Commercial honey is labelled as natural honey, pure honey, raw honey, pure natural honey... the list continues. It takes me by no surprise that honey, like any other products, is not spared from ambiguous labelling by suppliers. With so many different claims of honey on the shelf, we often land up confused and insecure about how much authentic honey and counterfeit honey we are consuming. Here, I would like to share a few frequently asked questions on the subject from visitors of Benefits of Honey and my views regarding them.

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Aged 2 Years / UMF 15+ Genuine Manuka Honey

Aged 2 Years / UMF 15+ Genuine Manuka Honey

This has literally JUST arrived at our offices! It’s just been tasted for the first time and as promised it is fabulous! It’s smooth, creamy and fully matured!

Take a look at UMF 15+ Aged 2 Years Pure Active Manuka Honey


Using Manuka Honey for Skin and Overall Health

Household Uses For Honey

Honey is amazing for healing the body inside and out with its moisturising , exfoliating, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It soothes throats, helps upset tummies and fights off hangovers!! Here are a few of the ways to use honey in your every day life.

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