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What Can Ginger Do For Me?

What Can Ginger Do For Me?

Ginger is used as a spice & known for its healing properties all over the world, native to southeast Asia, but readily available in all its forms in the UK.


1-Ginger promotes a healthy heart…

Ginger lowers the cholesterol level & helps prevent blood form clotting which in turn helps to reduce the risk of various heard diseases. It is high in potassium & great for heart health as it contains a good amount of manganese, protecting the heart, blood vessels & urinary passages. If you suffer from heartburn try to drink ginger tea several time a day for instant relief.

2-Settles an upset stomach…

The properties present in ginger can be used to calm down an upset stomach, relax the muscles of the gastrointestinals & prevents gas & bloating. It is also recommended to treat severe stomach ailments such as dyspepsia or colic & is often used in the treatment of bacterial-induced diarrhoea.

For improved digestion try to eat ginger after a large meal.

Ginger can also provide positive effects on symptoms of food poisoning.

3-Reduces Menstrual Pain…

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory & also a powerful natural painkiller, hence it can be used to reduce menstrual pain. Using ginger powder or capsules you can get relief from the acute pain, try to drink ginger tea with brown sugar. This will give you instant relief from the pain & tenderness that often happens at the beginning of a cycle.

4-Prevents Cold & Flu…

Ginger boosts the immune system by inducing sweating, so is used as a natural treatment for a cold or flu, naturally containing anti viral, anti toxic & anti fungal properties. You need to take ginger several time a day when your suffering. This helps detoxify your body which will make you better & fasten up the healing process. You may also like to boil a teaspoon of ginger in some water & inhale the steam to help.

5-Controls Diabetes…

Ginger can increase the effectiveness of insulin by lowing the blood sugar levels. Experts have recommended drinking a glass of water mixed with a tablespoon full of ginger juice first thin in the morning to help regulate your sugar levels. Other health complications associated with diabetes may also be limited with the help of ginger, with regular use ginger may reduce urine protein levels, decrease water intake & urine output & reduce the risk of various damages uncontrolled sugar levels can bring. Ginger can also protect nerves & lower blood fat levels.

6- Can prevent Various Types of Cancer…

According to research ginger can also be used in the treatment of ovarian cancer, (click here for more) . It has been proved in the University of Michigan that ginger powder induces cell death in all ovarian cancer cells to which it was applied. It has also been proved that ginger can slow down the growth of colorectal cancer cells helping to prevent colon cancer to a significant degree.

How do I store ginger

In the fridge in a brown bag ginger lasts well (or a cool dark place). You can also freeze if you find your buying too much or not using it quickly to save waste. Grate the ginger lay it across some cling film, like a long tube, tie the ends like a sweetie then once frozen you can just untie one end & snap some off when needed! It thaws really quickly.



Please do your own research before taking on any advice given here. I have written this through my own knowledge & advice from others, it is meant purely as a guide & for information purposes only.