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Freeze-dried Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey certified UMF® rating 16+.

Key Features:

  • Don't like the taste of honey? All the benefits of UMF Pure Manuka Honey without the taste
  • It's exactly the same high quality Pure Manuka Honey as we sell in jars.
  • The unique properties help support the immune system and enhance general well-being.

The UMF® Manuka Honey used for these capsules has been independently tested by a laboratory licensed by the Honey Research Unit of the University of Waikato and are imported direct from New Zealand in tubs of 300. It is a premium product with the exceptional qualities and strength of UMF16+ Manuka Honey, which is one of the higher strengths available.


Even though most people think Manuka Honey tastes great, some people just aren't partial to the taste of honey in general, so this is an excellent way of ensuring those people can still benefit from all the advantages of consuming Manuka Honey.

Each 500mg capsule contains 200mg of superior grade freeze-dried Manuka Honey, equivalent to 400mg of liquid honey. The capsules are produced from exactly the same honey as we sell in jars.

  • UMF® 16+ refers to Manuka Honey’s unique properties - the same honey as the liquid in the jars


Recommended Usage

We recommend up to 3 x 500mg capsules, three times per day when treating a particular problem, either internal or external.

For general health, we recommend a minimum of three capsules per day.

Honey and honey products must not be given to children under the age of 18 months. It is also not advisable to take honey products during pregnancy.  People with diabetes should seek medical advice before taking any honey product.


How do they ‘dry’ Manuka Honey?

To make the dry form of Manuka Honey, the process of Accelerated Freeze Drying (lyophilisation) is used. It is the same process that is used for high value pharmaceuticals as it is the gentlest drying method for biological materials. It operates at very high vacuum (very low pressure - less than 1mbar which is 1000th of atmospheric pressure) on the principle of operating below the eutectic point of water.

The low pressure changes the physical properties of water. At that pressure, water can only exist as a solid (ice) or a gas (water vapour). Gentle heat is applied (about 35 deg C) so that the product does melt but remains in frozen form as the water content is removed as vapour. Consequently, the cell structures - intracellular components and cell walls - are not damaged.

What is the difference between ‘Active’ and ‘UMF’ Manuka Honey?

Not all Manuka Honey has UMF® (non peroxide) activity and this is differentiated by using the terms ‘UMF® Manuka’ and ‘Active Manuka’ honey. UMF® (Unique Manuka Factor) Manuka Honey contains hydrogen peroxide plus its own natural antibacterial properties. This unique, additional activity gives it the special antibacterial healing potency. The minimum qualification for using the name UMF® and to be suitable for therapeutic use is a UMF® 10 rating.

What does the UMF® rating mean?

UMF® is an abbreviation which stands for Unique Manuka Factor.

  • UMF® is a phytochemically derived antibacterial property (i.e. it is derived from the nectar of the flower) found in some types of Manuka Honey.
  • Only honey collected from certain Leptospermum plants contain the special UMF® property.
  • The UMF® activity exists in addition to the hydrogen peroxide antibacterial activity found in all honeys (this activity is due to an enzyme which is added to the nectar by the honeybee). These two antibacterial activities work synergistically - enhancing their effects.