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Supplying quality manuka honey products at competitive prices

Manuka Honey Ltd is a UK-based business committed to supplying the very best New Zealand UMF Manuka Honey and Manuka Honey products.

We have been in the UMF Manuka Honey business for over 20 years, since discovering it whilst on holiday in New Zealand.  After much research into the properties of this special honey, we became more and more interested in the unique healing and therapeutic properties it possesses, both internal and external and have since gained much experience in this amazing product's many uses and health benefits.

We knew we had discovered something very special and this was endorsed when we saw the BBC Watchdog Health Check programme, which featured the research and trials of this amazing honey by Prof. Peter Molan at the Waikato University in New Zealand.    

On returning to New Zealand, we were very privileged to meet Prof. Molan and to be shown around his laboratory where he discovered the unique way that he researched the testing of the Unique Manuka Honey factor (UMF).

All the honey products we market are produced and packed in New Zealand and the information and descriptions we give are as clear and honest as we can make them.

But our aim is not only to supply the best products at the keenest prices, it is also about providing a friendly and helpful service to our customers.

Much valuable information is shown on our website but we recognise that sometimes a pleasant conversation by phone (or email) is preferred, which we welcome.

We very much look forward to hearing from you and to be given the opportunity of answering any questions you might have and giving you all the help and advice we possibly can.