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Manuka Honey for Medical Use

Medical Manuka Honey – treat wounds with Manuka Honey

Irradiated Manuka Honey is the same high quality Manuka Honey that we sell to eat except that it has undergone gamma irradiation, a type of sterilisation process to make it perfect for external use. It is excellent in treating wounds and skin conditions such as ulcers, cuts and burns. Gamma irradiation is effective in removing unwanted spores without in any way reducing the excellent antiseptic and anti-bacterial potency of Manuka Honey so vital to the healing of wounds.

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Meloderm 100% Irradiated Medical Manuka Honey  

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‘Meloderm’ 100% Irradiated Manuka Honey

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Meloderm Manuka Honey Skin Ointment  

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‘Meloderm’ Manuka Honey Ointment

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Small Wound Dressings – Pads for Meloderm application  

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'Melolin' Wound Dressings - small

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Wound Dressings (Large) – 'Melolin' pads for wounds  

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'Melolin' Wound Dressings - large

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