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Key Ingredients:

Specially prepared for men: rich in Pure Manuka Honey and Beeswax, and using the best natural oils of Avocado and Calendula.

Key Features:

Designed as a general purpose moisturising cream, it can be used for hardworking hands, as an aftershave and for promoting healthy skin. Natural oils are added to the honey and beeswax to increase nourishment.



This special cream has been especially prepared for men and is based on the healing and antibiotic qualities of Pure Manuka Honey and Beeswax.

  • Against animal testing
  • No lanolin

Natural Luxury Skincare - Produced in New Zealand containing Pure Manuka Honey


Massage into the hands or skin as often as is needed. It is non-greasy and easily absorbed.


Are Madeleine Ritchie products suitable for sensitive skin?

Our whole range of Madeleine Ritchie skin crème is suitable for all skin types but it is especially effective for skin that is sensitive. The natural extracts used in Madeleine Ritchie skincare being concentrated and totally free of chemical additives, are very appropriate for sensitive skins. Many of our customers have found they are the only products that suit their sensitive skin.

What is the history of the Madeleine Ritchie range you sell?

Founded in 1963, Madeleine Ritchie skincare has become one of the world's leading natural skincare brands. The company traces its proud heritage to the European Spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent, England. Madeleine continued the development of the products in Auckland, New Zealand in 1982 sourcing all local ingredients.

Madeleine Ritchie skincare is an innovative company having created the world's first honey skincare products and pioneered the development of the world's first active Manuka Honey skincare.